Fort Worth Texas attorney Larry Dassow will handle your expunction, order of non-disclosure, occupational license, or criminal law case.

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Criminal Law - Misdemeanors And Felonies

Legal counsel For Civil And Criminal Law

The Law Office of Larry Dassow, a Texas criminal defense lawyer, provides legal counsel and representation for both civil law and criminal law in Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Denton County, Collin County, Dallas County, Wise County and the surrounding areas.

Any criminal charge can have major impact and lasting affect on how a person lives their life. If you are facing a criminal charge, have been arrested for a crime, contacted by the police, or trying to suppress an arrest record, contact Larry Dassow. It is very important to act quickly in order to protect your constitutional rights. Quick action can save money plus enable you to to avoid additional and unnecessary legal battles.

The Law Office Of Larry Dassow, Attorney At Law

The Law Office of Larry Dassow is located in the DFW, Ft. Worth Metropolitan area. His law office represents clients on civil and criminal charges in the following Texas cities: Fort Worth, DFW, Denton, Ft Worth, Plano, Irving, Arlington, Cleburne, Weatherford, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Mansfield, and surrounding cities.

The law office of Larry Dassow practices in all areas of civil and criminal law with specialization in the following areas:

  • Record Expunction - If you are arrested and not convicted of a crime, your arrest will still be on record. A record expunction erases all proof of the charge. It will look like the arrest never took place. This is only available under certain circumstances.

  • Order of Non Disclosure - An order of non-disclosure prevents law agencies from releasing your arrest and prosecution records to the public such as employers, schools, credit agencies, apartments, to name a few. An order of nondisclosure is the sealing of records so that they aren't available to the public.

  • Occupational Drivers License - If your driver license has been suspended, you may be eligible for an ODL, which is better known as a restricted or occupational driver's license. It is a temporary driving permit allowing you to drive.

  • DWI and Drug Offenses - Any drug offense such as drug possession, intent to distribute, and trafficking of illegal narcotics (marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, and other illegal substances). Legal representation is very important for drug offenses in Texas.

If you have been arrested or accused of a crime, make sure you understand your legal rights and responsibilities. You should immediately contact the Law Office of Larry Dassow. He practices Texas criminal defense law and will vigorously defend you in the criminal justice court system from the moment you are arrested all the way through a trial if necessary.

For a in depth case evaluation on the expunction of records, the sealing of records, or an occupational driver's license, please visit our attorney legal feespage for pricing.. Larry Dassow and his legal staff at A Texas Attorney look forward to helping you with any legal issues you may have.

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