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Sealing Of Records By Order Of Non-Disclosure

Legally deny an arrest, a charge and a sentence of deferred probation.

A criminal case is a matter public record for anyone to view, such as employers, schools, apartments, and credit agencies. A criminal record can even be viewed if it was dismissed after the completion of probation.

People that are not eligible for a record expunction, may still be able to obtain an Order Of Non-Disclosure. Once the records have been sealed, they may then legally deny the existence of an arrest, charge and sentence of deferred probation.

Each petition for an order of non-disclosure is judged on its own merit. Do you qualify to seal your records?

Conact us here for general quesitons on record sealing.

What Criminal Records Can Be Sealed For Non-Disclosure?

An Order of Nondisclosure is a legal procedure which a court order can be obtained under certain circumstances that prohibits government agencies from disclosing the existence of any record associated with the arrest, prosecution and deferred probation sentence. This record sealing is available for both misdemeanors and felonies. Be sure to view the record sealing FAQs for the state of Texas.

Certain crimes require a five year waiting period in order to request an order Of nondisclosure such as:

  • Unlawful restraint or transport
  • Indecent exposure or public lewdness
  • Assault, deadly conduct, terrorist threat
  • Family offenses such as leaving a child, aiding suicide, harboring a runaway child, bigamy, enticing a Child, advertising placement of a child
  • Unlawfully carrying a weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of prohibited Weapon, unlawful transfer of weapons, hoax bomb, and making firearm accessible to a child
  • Disorderly conduct, riot, obstructing a highway, cruelty to animals, dog fighting, and destruction of a flag, disrupting a meeting or procession, false alarm or report, silent or abusive calls to 9-1-1, interference with an emergency telephone call, harassment, abuse of a corpse

In most cases, a person can petition the court for the sealing of a record by Order Of Nondisclosure immediately after successful completion of your deferred adjudication probation. Certain offenses cannot be sealed with an Order Of Nondisclosure.

Texas records of Juvenile offenses are not secret and are not automatically sealed after the individual has reached adult status. Due to the internet and other sources, Juvenile Records are more accessible than ever to schools, employers and governmental agencies. Fortunately Texas law allows for the sealing of most Juvenile criminal offenses records by Order Of Non-Disclosure. Many young offenders who have been labeled as Sex Offenders are truly not. With proper medical and psychological evidence it may be possible to achieve de-registration as a sex offender.

People must seek sealing of records through the courts. Each case is different and is decided individually by the Court. Check expunction of records to learn more and see if you qualify.

Primary Areas Of Practice For Sealing Of Record by Order Of Non-Disclosure

The law office of Larry Dassow provides sealing of record services for the Tarrant County and DFW area. If you reside in the Texas cities of Ft Worth, Arlington, or Dallas, DFW areas, please contact us for legal help in getting your record expunged.

Feel free to contact us for any general questions concerning the sealing of records. If you need to know what your options are, visit us for an order of non disclosure consultation by an experienced ft worth attorney on record sealing.

Larry Dassow
A Texas Attorney at Law

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