Dallas Texas attorney Larry Dassow will handle your expunction, order of non-disclosure, occupational license, or criminal law case.

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About Larry Dassow
  • Larry Dassow's Bio - Mr. Dassow's law practice is devoted primarily to criminal record expunction, orders of non disclosure, or the sealing of criminal records and occupational driver's licenses in the DFW, Fort Worth and surrounding areas of Tarrant county Texas.

Contact Larry Dassow
  • Contact - Do you have a legal question about your criminal past record in fort worth? Contact Larry Dassow to obtain information in order to expunge or seal your criminal record in the dfw texas areas.
  • Case Evaluation - Do you need your past criminal record erased or sealed? Get your case evaluation to see if you qualify for a record expungement or sealing of records today!

Legal Services
  • Expunging Your Record - Learn what kind of criminal records can be expunged in the state of Texas.
  • Record Expunction FAQs - Do you need your past criminal record erased? Check our frequently asked questions to see if you qualify for a record expunction.
  • Sealing Your Record - Learn what kind of criminal record can be sealed with an order of non-disclosure.
  • Seal Record FAQs - Do you want your past criminal record sealed from potential employers, colleges and landlords? Check our frequently asked questions to see if you qualify to have your record sealed.
  • Orders Of Non Disclosure - Check here to see if you qualify for a non disclosure order.
  • Non Disclosure FAQs - Check out our frequently asked questions to see if your criminal record can be sealed by an order of non disclosure.
  • Occupational Driver's License - Has your drivers license been suspended? Are you wondering how you can get to work or take the kids to school? Check here for more information about obtaining an Occupational license.
  • Occupational License FAQs - Check our frequently asked questions to gain more information on how you can obtain an occupational license.
  • Restricted Interlock License - Have you been ordered, by a judge to install an ignition interlock device in your car? If so, as long as you apply and pay the required fee, you can obtain a special restricted license, have an ignition interlock device installed in your car and still be able to drive under specific circumstances, such as your work, school or medical situations.

Criminal Law Cases
  • Criminal Law Cases - Check here for information on getting your record expunged or sealed, or have a question about your criminal misdemeanor or felony charges in ft worth or the dfw area.
  • Criminal FAQs - Click here for the most frequently asked questions on criminal law cases.

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